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Broadway Chiropractic Clinic is a well-established chiropractic clinic with three fully qualified chiropractors who are dedicated to patient care. Our chiropractors treat all patients from babies, children and teenagers to pregnant women and the elderly. During the past 18 years, Broadway Chiropractic Clinic has treated over 16 000 people of all ages. Our oldest patient at present is a sprightly 92 years old and the youngest was just 7 days old. Our aim is to provide the best chiropractic care possible to the benefit of each patient.

- Relieve symptoms of

  joint pain

- Alleviate headaches

- Help with frozen shoulder

- Relieve acute and chronic

  back pain

- Long established

- Highly experienced

- All chiropractors fully


- Sports therapist available

- On-going care plans

Caring and gentle chiropractic care

How we can help you

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For All Those

Aches And Pains