Cranial Therapy

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Cranial Therapy

What is Cranial Therapy?

Kim Garnham is qualified in Cranial Therapy as part of her training in a specialist chiropractic technique known as Sacro-occipital Technique.

Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT) is a highly accurate and effective method of assessing and correcting spinal subluxation and postural distortion patterns in the human body.

The sacrum is the lowest jointed bone of the spine and the occiput is the bone at the base of the skull and makes the highest joint in the spine.  SOT works to restore the balance at these two points and leads to treatment not only of the spine but the extremities and skull.

Cranial treatment is very gentle and so is used a lot on babies and young children but is also used within the treatment of older children and adults when indicated.

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