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What to expect

Prior to your initial consultation we will ask you to complete an online form about your condition and medical history, this helps the therapist understand your problems prior to your appointment.

During your consultation we will discuss your current health history and other pertinent information that may be related to your presenting complaint.  

After this consultation you will undergo an examination that includes neurological, orthopaedic and postural evaluation.  This can be done wearing preferably loose clothing or you might be asked to undress and use an examination gown, gowns and changing rooms are available. If it were decided that further investigation is required such as x-rays or blood tests this would be acquired by referral back to your GP (with your consent) or by utilising private services depending on your individual situation.

Findings from your examination will be discussed with you and your options for care will be recommended and explained. With your consent treatment will be started at this initial consultation appointment.

Our Approach

The Three Phases of Care

Feel Better

Healing takes time but you may start to feel some relief of your symptoms within a few visits. During this first phase of care continuing with appointments, even if the pain reduces, is important to keep your body in the best position to repair itself.

Move Better

Exercises, strengthening, and mobility are important in this second phase of care so that you can return fully to daily activities be it work, sport or leisure pursuits. Your appointments will be spaced further apart, and you will be advised on the most effective exercises to do.

Live Better

Many of our patients find that they are feeling and moving so much better after stages one and two that they decide to continue to have regular appointments in this third phase of care. The small stresses and strains of life are then responded to early, before they have chance to develop into symptoms again.
For more information on chiropractic treatment, visit our chiropractic centre or call us on 01733 562 638.
We offer our services throughout Cambridgeshire as well.
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