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Morten has many years of experience as a Chiropractor and loves every minute of it. Morten enjoys a round of golf on his days off and has been spotted practicing his swing in the car park during coffee breaks.

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Sports Therapist

Member of the International Council of Health Fitness and Sports therapists. Jo has worked at the clinic for over ten years as a sports massage therapist and enjoys working with patients with acute and chronic pain as well as her fit patients taking on their next challenge from a marathon to their next golf competition. She also helps people maintain their health by teaching core stability and fitball. She is a firm believer that prevention is better than the cure.

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The Broadway Clinic is staffed by three highly qualified and registered Chiropractors:

Janette M Lee DC MCC

Janette qualified as a Chiropractor in 1985 and has worked in Peterborough since 1986. She has been into local companies to help improve awareness of the benefit of good posture and correct seating whilst at work or at home on a P.C. Janette like to promote the benefits of fitball training and core stability exercises. Janette enjoys sailing with family and friends on a sunny day.

Kim A Garnham DC FCC (Paeds)

Certified Craniopath

Kim qualified as a Chiropractor in 1982 and moved to Peterborough in 1988. Kim specialises in treating infants and children and is a Paediatric Fellow of The College of Chiropractors. She lectures for SOTO Europe in both Sacro-occipital Technique and Cranial Therapy. Her young family take up any free time.

Morten Anderson DC MCC

Jo Gardiner MHFST